Cultures of microorganisms

Cultures of microorganisms

CEDRUS COM Company offers starter cultures from DuPont ТМ  Danisco®.

DUPONT is the largest producer of starter cultures and our partner in the dairy industry:

The range of DuPont starter cultures ТМ  Danisco® includes all kinds of cultures for lactic acid and cheeses.

Cultures of microorganisms are distinguished by the following parameters:

  • by direct inoculation and production,
  • by type: lyophilized (LYO) and deep frozen (FRO)
  • homo – and heterofermentative, mesophilic and thermophilic meso-thermophilic,
  • with one or more strains,
  • home, or main, auxiliary, flavor enhancer, ameliorating the appearance, texture
  • protective,
  • flavoring
  • probiotic