Confectionery industry

Confectionery industry

Company CEDRUS COM proposes confectionery industry enterprises a wide range of ingredients. We offer solutions for producing confectionery affordable, functional ingredients using systems that reduce costs. In addition, we propose ingredients to obtain confectionery products “healthy” with sugar substitutes, a low fat, added fiber, pectin, vegetable proteins. In addition, offer a wide range of fillings for baking cakes closed and open, products of pastry and pastry dough, biscuit, cake sweet filling, premixes muffin, gels driving, and many other ingredients with different tastes and consistency, at your request

In our assortment you will find ingredients from renowned European producers of new products and ingredients.

Ingredients produced by us:

  • thermostable fillings
  • Deco-gels
  • premixes
  • Improvers biscuits, crackers

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