FIRMENICH is a world leader in the creation and production of flavoring substances for the perfume industry and is the top 3 largest producers of food flavoring.

As a distributor of Moldova FIRMENICH company CEDRUS COM analyze needs of producers from our country and choose flavorings that help create successful products. We offer a wide assortment of flavors FIRMENICH:

  • highly concentrated flavors, natural and nature identical for all branches of food industry
  • changing taste masking flavors and undesirable odors
  • a number of unique formats, which may include flavoring: Encapsulated flavors, liquid flavors and dried

Groups flavoring which proposes:

  • for gastronomy
  • beverage
  • sweet group

The company’s decision to form taste FIRMENICH

FIRMENICH developed a unique technology of forming the taste, the use of natural flavorings TasteGEM ™. TasteGEM ™ product contributes to the production of beverages and tasty, low in sugar. Thus, the production of beer flavored product TasteGEM ™ offers the following advantages:

  1. “Enrichment taste” of items considered healthy because of low sugar content or lack thereof, and the small number of calories.
  2. “Profile optimized” as TasteGEM ™ mask unpleasant after-taste, bitterness and other undesirable foreign tastes.
  3. “Consumer preferences” for TasteGEM ™ provides a fresh taste and juiciness.

Natural flavoring TasteGEM ™ is used extensively in the production of dairy products and ice cream. Today manufacturers try to meet the ever increasing demand of consumers who are looking for products with reduced sugar and fat content. For products with a low sugar content FIRMENICH proposes unique flavors TasteGEM ™, to give them a sweet taste and flavoring effect change in taste, such as:

  • Mouthfeel create 565 808 SPM
  • Mouthfeel yogurt 506 657 TP

which are recommended in dairy products with low fat, to give creaminess, create “body” of the product and to mask any undesirable foreign tastes.

TasteGEM unique aroma CITRUS ™ was specifically created FIRMENICH drinks with citrus juice.

CITRUS TasteGEM ™ offers the following advantages:

  • It enhances and improves the taste of beverages containing citrus juice.
  • Ensures freshness and reduces the bitter taste of beverages based on orange juice.
  • Lets be reduced concentrate juice drinks, making it improved, while taste.
  • It is a natural flavor enhancer, neutralizes and removes foreign tastes.

TasteGEM ™ natural flavor suitable for the production of mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces in order to neutralize the acid taste masking and storage process.

FIRMENICH meat producers propose natural flavors unique taste change:

TasteGEM ™ Masking – natural flavor with masking effect mechanically deboned meat – is a solution that allows to minimize the negative consequences of replacing raw meat chicken mechanically deboned:

  • Specific eliminates the faults of mechanically deboned chicken meat;
  • It is neutral and does not give extra flavor and taste;
  • functions for the replacement of up to 100% of the meat of mechanically deboned chicken meat;
  • It is economical and reduces the cost of the formulation, preserving the taste and flavor of the finished product.

Umami Modulation – natural flavor enhancer flavor, sodium glutamate substitute meat products.

SaltPrint – natural flavor reducing salt content in meat products.

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