Emulsifiers meet the following basic functions in the production of foods:

  • stabilize emulsions
  • The aeration and froth stabilizing
  • Changing fat crystals
  • Improve the taste and appearance of products
  • Ensuring quality of finished products, regardless of differences in the quality of raw materials
  • Increased storage limits

We propose DuPont ™ Danisco® emulsifiers, emulsion for lubrication forms DUBOR, Soy Lecithin Lecithin SOLEC®.

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Aplication domain



  • make softer crumb
  • provides tolerance deviations in changing the parameters of the technological process 
  • all types of bread, buns, rolls, 
  • extruded corn snacks,
  • tortilla,
  • Easter,
  • potato products,
  • caramel coloring, paste in gel form for driving
  • emulsion stabilizing free
  • uniform dispersion of the fat in the aqueous phase
  • regulation of fat the crystallization process
  • stabilizing the finished product
  • butter / spread combined with fat 70-82%
  • butter / spread combined with the reduced fat content of 50-60%,
  • margarine for dough



  • providing a stable emulsion spreads with reduced fat content
  • improved flow properties
  • reducing the fat content to 10%
  • reducing the cost
  • preventing the formation of pores in the coating
  • excellent water-binding properties to stabilize the water-in-oil emulsions.
  • low fat spreads containing 10-40%
  • Chocolate, chocolate, ice cream glaze,
  • emulsion for lubrication forms


PRO 45 Grindsted

Emulsifier system and encapsulated calcium propionate

  • excellent antimicrobial effect
  • term growth microbiological retention bread
  • reducing the amount of yeast used with 15 to 25%
  • increase fermentation tolerance
  • reduce fermentation time
  • core is softer
  • the reduction of odor in comparison with standard calcium propionate
  • all types of bread, buns, rolls


Mixture of triglycerides

  • It prevents separation of oil products containing fats
  • stabilizing liquid triglycerides
  • forming a crystal structure,
  • accelerate crystallization and increase product hardness
  • workability in packaging briquettes to produce margarines and spreads
  • fat-containing fillings for confectionery,
  • peanut butter,
  • margarines, spreads

Panodan® DATEM


  • improves the baked bread volume 
    increase dough stability
  • improves the cutting of the dough
  • ensure stability, regardless of the quality of the flour used
  • provides stability to change the parameters of the technological process deviations.
  • Yeast bread, buns, rolls, 
    sponge cake, biscuits

Trennaktiv B 110

Emulsions for lubricating forms DUBOR

  • and it is easy to apply evenly and maintain the horizontal and vertical surfaces;
  • alone is sufficient to apply a thin layer to the smooth detachment of the baked products
  • not form slag, which facilitates washing forms and devices;
  • increase the life forms, trays, countertops and appliances;
  • It is suitable for manual and mechanical application;
  • easily remove the product from the mold has a beautiful appearance;
  • low (0.7 to 1.0 kg per tonne of finished goods in the case of mechanical application);
  • reduce costs for repair and maintenance of equipment;
  • improve the sanitary condition of the production process;
  • in the case of proper use of the resolving agent, to form protective film creates a fat, which increases the number of cooking cycles without grease forms again.
  • forms for bakery and confectionery,
  • trays
  • tops for baking

SOLEC® Soy Lecithin


  • growth of bakery products;
  • improving crumb structure thereof;
  • homogeneity of the dough, dough consistency and rheological characteristics (elasticity, stretch);
  • stabilizing and modifying gluten;
  • reducing the agglutination;
  • Dough simplifying the processing by the apparatus;
  • improves the processing of the dough and the dough detachment;
  • reducing the viscosity of the kneaded dough;
  • significant reduction in the percentage of defective products.
  • adding lecithin simplifies the separation of the wafer forms, prevent caramelization of the apparatus of the wafers, reduces the consumption of fat, gives the product a golden tint, making wafer bright and crisp, making surface of the smooth, reduces the swelling of the wafers (the tumblers with ice), and Neapolitan ice cream does not taste “paper”. 
  • forming an elastic dough;
  • improve friability dough;
  • viscosity reducing leakage and threshold;
  • extending the period of storage;
  • prevents sticking;
  • prevents moisture penetration;
  • Lecithin retain great excess water in chocolate icing, thereby achieving a smooth chocolate and excellent palatability;
  • adding lecithin to emulsify fat recipes candy syrup improved, contributing to obtain glossy plastic one product;
  • improves the process of mixing, extruding structure
  • Baking all kinds of breads
  • the waffle ice cream waffle sheets, wafers and wafer tubes.
  • Crackers, biscuits
  • Production chocolate glaze chocolate and chocolates