Animal and vegetable proteins are the main components of our food. Among food ingredients proteins is one of the fastest growing segments, as they value and nutritional and functional.

We offer our clients vegetable and animal protein, milk protein and to their use in various branches of food industry.



Field of application

Wheat gluten 

It is used to improve the quality of flour. Contribute to a flour with a predetermined level of wet gluten of high quality (IDG). 
Increases gas retention capacity, improve dimensional stability, increase the amount of production obtained and shelf life of the finished products.

flour production

Bakery products

Pea protein 

Increasing the amount of protein in the final product

Properties excellent moisture retention, improving product structure

Dairy industry

Meat, fish, vegetable products, for example, mayonnaise etc.  

NUTRIOSE soluble fibers, pea

The prebiotic partially replaced sugar / fat, enriched fiber product


Meat, dairy, bakery

Insoluble fibers, pea PEA FIBER

In meat processing, has moisture retention properties, gelling and emulsifying


Meat products, milk, cheese

Sodium caseinate 
lactone EN 

Casein is the main protein component of milk exists as tiny micelles (globules). The addition of calcium, potassium and sodium casein, caseinate is obtained. As a rule it contains more than 90% of the caseinate protein.

Sodium caseinate is intended to replace raw meat, powdered milk, vegetable proteins and make more consistent final product structure.

– reducing the cost of the finished products 
– to improve the consistency, juiciness and commercial aspect, the nutritional properties; 
– stabilizing the emulsion of meat; 
– confer emulsifying and gelling properties, viscosity improvement; 
– enrichment products with organic amino acids.

It is used in the dairy industry, meat, pastries, and the preparation of protein supplements for athletes.

Calcium caseinate 
lactone EC

It is used in the dairy industry as a stabilizer and emulsifier added to lactic acid products, cream, ice cream, whipped vegetable to increase the volume of the finished product in the production of cheese and cheese, processed cheese as the production structuring. 
A good nutritional value, replaces protein concentrate, whey protein high coefficient of efficiency of 2.5, improves the structure of the products, emulsifying and stabilizing the fat.

Bakery, confectionery, hard cheese and melted, dairy products, food concentrates and medicinal drinks and diet products, ice cream and whipped cream.



 Gelatin is a natural biopolymer. As a food additive that is marked by E441. Gelatin is collagen based. Gelatin is made up of: starch, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micro- and macro-elements, vitamin PP 18 amino acids.

This is a high quality animal protein enriched with essential amino acids for humans, vitamins and microelements.

Technological properties of gelatin:

  • gelling;
  • The formation of foam and stabilize it;
  • The formation of the film;
  • Improvement of the structure;
  • hydration;
  • Stabilization and emulsion formation.

 It is used in the dairy, meat, pastry.

Egg powder

  It is used in confectionery products, bakery products, in the production maionezelor.

Egg white

  Used in pastry, bakery. 

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