Cheese Wax, Wrappers & Coating

Cheese Wax, Wrappers & Coating

CEDRUS COM Company proposes packaging for cheese wax trademark Paradip®, PARAMELT products.

Paradip® wax is a refined mixture of absolute food wax, paraffin wax, and various crystalline polymers, which improve the elasticity. Paradip® wax covering cheeses with a non-toxic resistant coating, which protects against moisture.

The advantages of using wax cheese:

  • Wax is used to prevent reducing the weight of the cheese due to moisture loss.
  • Wax gives a perfect coating prevents moisture loss.
  • Paradip® provides an attractive exterior appearance of the cheese.
  • After coating with the wax, the maturation process of the cheese is virtually completely stops, thus obtained the required period of ripening cheeses.
  • The wax coating minimizes processing cheeses during storage. Wax protects the cheese in the storage and transportation.
  • Paradip® cheese wax protects against the development of mold.

We propose wax yellow and red:

  • Paradip Yellow B1
  • C2 Red Paradip

If necessary ask the company PARAMELT can propose different colors in a wide assortment.

Company CEDRUS COM proposed cheese ripening bags Cryovac.

Cryovac bags bags represents a new generation of multi-layer, co-extruded shrink characterized by high sealing properties and impermeability checking necessary for packaging cheese.

The main advantages:

  • Specially designed “cheese ripening bags”
  • Maintaining optimum humidity level cheese
  • Maintaining oxygen, while allowing the passage of CO2
  • High rigidity and high module efficiency equipment
  • Perfect optical effect “second skin” after termocontractibilitate to increase the attractiveness of the pack
  • Excellent weldability folds and wrinkles
  • The high safety and reduce the number of leaks of container

The bags are proposed with the side seam or the factory, according to the easy-opening, belt, without a stamp or a stamp. Standard Color: transparent, red, yellow.