Bread improvers

Bread improvers

Improvers are mixtures of functional ingredients such as emulsifiers, enzymes, acidifiers and fillers intended to improve the quality and validity dates of bakery products.

Use in baking improvers enables providing a number of technological advantages:

  • ensure stable quality bakery products from flour of poor baking properties;
  • accelerates the fermentation process;
  • ensure enhancing the formability of the gas, respectively, increases and improves the crumb structure of the bread volume.
  • improves the taste and flavor of the products, bread crust gives a more intense color and luster;
  • reduces dependence final result of deviations in quality flour additional raw materials and technological process parameters;
  • creates resistance to freezing products;
  • finished products increases efficiency by increasing hygroscopicity dough;
  • finished product stays fresh

Considering local raw materials, we have developed a range of bread improvers for pastry, bread toast, and the rye dough for pastry and cake, frozen bread and system protection from potato disease and mold.

Broad assortment improvers own production gives our customers the following advantages:

  • choose improvers depending on flour quality indicators, which help improve the quality of the finished product;
  • to intensify the process, introduce technology accelerated the preparation of bread;
  • to form some dough rheological properties, to enhance gas retention properties of the dough, the dough to give visco-elastic properties of plastic, to reduce the adhesion of the articles of the dough;
  • improve the quality of bakery products in wide assortment – buns, pastry products with or without yeast and frozen products made from blanks;
  • to expand the range of products manufactured according to customer requirements increase;
  • to improve the properties of the yeast biotechnology;
  • to stabilize the processing quality bread flour with baking qualities unstable;
  • to slow down the aging process and to prevent microbiological deterioration of bakery products .;

Bakery improvers range of own manufacture:




Baking mixes

Mixes for cakes and buns

  • Cake «Orange»
  • Cake “Vanilla”
  • Mixes for cakes
  • Fruit cake “fruit”
  • Mixes for cakes Barni
  • Mixes for desserts Tortoni
  • Muffin
  • Muffin “chocolate”
  • Mixes for biscuits COOKIES
  • cookies
  • Cookies «Chocolate»
  • Cookies Frutti “fruit”
  • Mixtures of cereals and pulses;
  • Mixtures of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, oatmeal, carrots and onions.
  • grain Mix
  • Rye bread mixture Bavaria Mix
  • Mix for bread pastry
  • malt Mix
liquid improvers 
  •  Improver for making sponge cake and cakes
  • Cake gel “Soft”
  • Cake gel “Fresh”
  • Invert syrup flavored with variety
  • invert syrup
  • Invert syrup “honey flavored”
  • Invert syrup “flavored condensed milk»
  • Invert syrup “flavored coconut»
  • Invert syrup «vanilla»
  • universal improver
  •  Improver for increased durability, higher volume and ensure softness
  • Toast bread improver
  • Improver lavash, tortilla
  • Improver for frozen dough
  • frozen dough
  • Improver for rye bread
  • SECARA 60/40
  • SECARA EXTRA – 100%
  • Improver for buns
  • buns 
  • Universal improver biscuit
  • Mixture for preventing mildew and potato disease
  • Fruit cake “fruit”

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