The most common sources of food starch are maize, waxy maize, wheat, potato, tapioca, and peas – these modified starches are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Using starches bestows texture and consistency required, but also a stable structure of the finished product. Lately quite used modified food starches. 
Modified starches are those whose properties have been altered as a result of special processing (physical, chemical, biochemical or combined). The confectionery and bakery most of modified starches are used for the same products that use native starches, but in smaller doses.

The company offers its customers starches CEDRUS COM products companies ROQUETTE France and KMC, Denmark.




Clear СН


  • Modified corn starch (Е 1422) to increase the hot
  • A paste pure and smooth, short texture, which do not gel on cooling
  • Resistant to mechanical intensive
  • It provides a high viscosity
  • Hang up to 10 freeze-thaw cycles, without forming lumps, the dark side, or layers,

Confectionery and bakery 
tomato sauces, mayonnaises, ketchups



  • Modified corn starch (Е 1422), by using cold
  • Resistant to intense mechanical actions
  • It provides a high viscosity
  • Resistant to acids and intensive mechanical action.
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 125 degrees in a рН С from 4-7,

Tomato sauces, mayonnaises, ketchups, deep frozen foods


Clear CR

  • Modified corn starch (Е 1442), growth occurs at 85 0 С
  • Ensures a high viscosity, transparency, gloss, feeling of creaminess, no sediment.

It is used in the dairy industry, in the manufacture of jams, sauces

ColdSwell 3681

  • Modified potato starch (Е1414), growing in cold water

It is used in the manufacture of sauces, maionezelor, cheese products, glazed brânzicilor

EmulsiForm CM1120

  • Modified potato starch, emulsifier (Е1450), growing in cold water

It is used in the manufacture of imitation cheese, as emulsifier in the production maionezelor