Pectin is a multi-functional stabilizer extracted from citrus peel.

Depending gelling pectin is producing fruit fillings and sugar confectionery. This stabilizes proteins in low pH beverages and improves a structure of yoghurt. 

We provide pectin DuPont ™ Danisco® for a wide range of products. These are pectins with high or low esterification with the following properties: 

  • high purity
  • colored powder, forming transparent solutions;
  • homogeneous gel with a high degree of elasticity;
  • good stabilization of proteins.  

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Aplication domain

Grindsted Pectin SS

  • Transparent jelly with wonderful taste qualities
  • Comparatively long time sedimentation

Jams, jellies, marshmallows, candies pectins with 60% dry matter.


Grindsted Pectin CF 130

  • High density gel
  • cutting a uniform, elastic structure,
  • Sediment low temperature, 
  • It is suitable for quick removal from the mold

Candy gum, pectin jellies, pastry 72% of dry matter.

Grindsted Pectin SF 377

easily applicable, soft structure


Jams, fruit spreads of 45-60% dry substance.

Grindsted Pectin SF 580

  • permits be obtained from fruit jellies with high transparency and neutral color
  • ensures good stability of the system fruit
  • fast gelling

Fruit smoothies for children (<20-22% solids) fruit glaze.


  • Increased viscosity improves the taste
  • Improves structure in case of low sugar and fruit juice

Drinks, nectars, juices.