Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is a product of the processing of the seeds of the cocoa tree. 
Cocoa powders can be natural and alkalized. 
Natural cocoa powder is obtained with a special alkaline treatment of the cocoa cake. 
Cocoa powder is subjected to a special treatment called alkaline alkali. Such cocoa powder has, depending on the degree of alkalinity, color from light brown to dark brown.

Natural cocoa powder is used to produce a wide range of products and high quality chocolate coating, but also the intermediate layers of the wafers and candy fillings, butter and margarine, chocolate, ice cream, pastry and sweets. Cocoa powder is used as a flavoring and coloring agent in pastries and sweets, the dairy, beverage, ice cream, butter, chocolate.

Alkalized cocoa powder It is obtained from cocoa cake resulting from the production of cocoa mass and cocoa butter. Depending on the degree of alkalization, the cocoa powder is divided into weak, medium and strong acidity at. The alkaline processing cocoa cake, cocoa powder becomes more refined taste qualities, a more intense flavor and a different range of colors, it becomes more and more saturated. Also in the process of processing the volatile acids are removed, and as a result lowers the acidity and increase the pH further adjusted to 6.8-7.2. ALKALIZE reduce the content of tannins. Alkalized cocoa powder quickly dissolves in water, compared to natural cocoa powder. This is used in the production of glazes and chocolate products, fillings and candies, ice cream, desserts.

Company CEDRUS COM proposes alkalized cocoa powder with 10-12% fat trademark MACAO, from renowned global manufacturer Olam Food Ingredients, Spain.    

MACAO alkalized cocoa powder is more palatable than usual. It has a darker color saturated, sometimes reddish. After alkalizing decreases its acidity, and therefore is more intense taste and refined. It also easily mix with liquids.